The perfect sales page and landing page will make you a lot of money.

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If you are a seller of your products or other products,

you should know that the key thing is to create high-converting sales pages.

What do I mean by “high conversion pages“?

With this post I want to explain the basic steps to create an effective sales page that can bring you many customers and consequently let you sell your products and earn money. If you can do all this and start earning then you will understand what I meant by “high conversion pages”!


What elements to include
In what order to include them
How to format them for maximum impact


Try doing a Google search and you’ll find lots of things on how to create a perfect sales page.
You’ll find that after you have read everything that made you find Google it is all stuff mixed and more confused, and you’ll feel than before!You will not have understood anything because they have not explained anything to you and you will have lost your time in vain.

What we’re going to do here is take this hodgepodge of ideas and descriptions and put some order to it.

At the end of this post you will be on your way to creating a powerful sales page that generates huge sales and profits.


Let’s take an example: when you read a newspaper what is it that immediately catches your eye and invites you to read the article? The title is obvious. So the first thing you need to do is study a title that is attractive to the reader, but you can also do it with the products you sell.

Let’s take an example: when you read a newspaper what is it that immediately catches your eye and invites you to read the article? The title is obvious.

So the first thing you need to do is study a title that is attractive to the reader, but you can also do it with the products you sell. In fact the same concept also applies to any product you want to advertise.

Newspapers often use a main headline and a sub-headline to enhance the likelihood that you’ll stop to read an article. On an Internet sales page, though, you need to use three different headlines:

The “Gotcha” Headline
The Main Headline
The “Still Gotcha” Headline.


The 3 parameters I mentioned above are to be used specifically for maximum results.



The eyes of the reader are immediately placed on this title and must be placed in the upper part of your sales letter. Not it must be of great size but obviously it must attract those who are seeing it.

The title and the font you choose will have to stick to the audience to which it is addressed, for example: it depends on whether what you write is for an adult audience or if it is for an audience of young people.

If you are a family or male audience. So you should work on it with many variations but, when put together properly, they will have a great effect on the reader.



This is the most important title of the entire page because it is the most extensive description.
With this title you have to create an emotion for those who are reading.

If you can capture your readers on an emotional level, you are well on your way to converting the reader into your potential customers.



The biggest mistake of those who create a sales page is to neglect this third title. Put in your sales pages the “third title” because it serves to reinforce the main title.

In this title you have to put the benefits that the potential customer will get from buying your product.
Don’t make the mistake of putting too many words in the third title. Remember: only a few words but powerful!



Writers know what is meant by “the act of opening”. But even in our case it is fundamental to add this information, no matter it is a book or a sales letter as in our case. It is like making a very effective summary of what we are going to present or sell, in a way that attracts the emotions and the attention of the public.

The act of opening a sales page on the Internet is just as vital.
This is the section the reader sees right after the headlines and is used to present the main benefits of your product. You must capture the interest of the potential customer and take hold of his emotions.

This is really important!
The act of opening must capture the potential customer’s interest on a highly emotional level and must stick to that interest carefully.

Do you want to implement your OPENING ACT? Check out these proven techniques:

Display the benefits potential customers will enjoy once they purchase your product or service. Expose the positive ways in which their lives will change and improve when they get their hands on your product.

Show the positive feelings they will feel once they get their hands on your product or service
Display what they will have more time (energy, money, success, etc.) once they have purchased your product or service.

Expose what they will have less (stress, difficulties, debts, struggles, etc.)

Do not go into the smallest details on each of these things during the opening act; this is just an introductory opening: full details will be highlighted later on the sales page.



Those who are always on the internet know that there are a lot of scams, frauds and other squalid activities. For this reason, with your sales page, you absolutely must make sure that they do not doubt your honesty: it is VERY IMPORTANT!

Now you have some extra work to get them to let go of any lingering doubts or concerns.
Your honesty and authority makes the reader more inclined to buy your product or service.

How do you do it?
Make it immediately clear that you are a trustworthy person and do not put your credentials at the end, many people do not arrive until the end of your sales page!
He talks about specific results, not just generalities

Always put the reality of things in describing a benefit or an activity, not just the estimates

Use testimonials that touch on the advantages you wish to emphasize; these are most effective when you put the full name of the person whose testimony you are describing

Be sure to mention any certifications, credentials, skills or special experiences associated with your product.

Highlight reviews, positive quotes of your product from external and ascertainable sources.

Always put a real contact address complete with address, e-mail and phone number; this reassures the prospects that you really are a real person and not just another scammer on the Web

When you seriously affirm yourself as honest and authoritative about your product (starting from the sales page and continuing on the sales page), you significantly increase your potential results.


Explain the advantages they will have to those who buy your product!

Describe emphasizing all the main and positive benefits they will enjoy after purchasing your product or service.

Diversifying exactly one feature from an attribute or function of a product or service, are two different things!

The key to presenting the benefits successfully is identifying which ones are most important to your specific prospects and then emphasizing them from the highest priority to the least.

The people reading Internet sales pages do much more scanning than reading, so if you want to capture attention and clearly communicate benefits of your product or service, then you need to
present them in a bullet point format.

This is one example of bullet point format:
My product has many benefits, such as:

It’s easy to use
It will increase your vocabulary by at least 30%
It will improve your writing skills.

Include all the benefits as part of your sales page; think of everything you can enter, up to the smallest positive outcome you can imagine.

So you will have created your list, put the benefits in priority order with the highest priority that comes first. In this way, potential customers will first read the most powerful advantages and can also easily scan the entire list without taking too much time or effort.

List the features of your product or service.

You need to be as accurate as possible when communicating features, because that way, your potential customers get the kind of details they need to make a buying decision.

In this way you will get two advantages: you will increase the conversion rate and you will encourage the potential customer to make a purchase.

Since the functions represent the details of your product or service, you will need to use more text to describe everything clearly.

Offer extra bonuses

If you add bonuses to your offer the reader will be more inclined to become your client. It is obvious that you will have to give quality bonuses, be it a book, a resource, a software or something else it must be thick!

You can also offer bonus packages.
You want your potential customers to be strongly attracted to buying the main product or service, so as to sweeten it the deal a little, offer an extra bonus item.

Logically, the bonuses that you are going to offer must follow, at least a little, the product or service you have put up for sale.

Equally important, the best bonuses are those that cost you the least. By keeping costs down, but adding value to the customer anyway, increase customer satisfaction and increase profits at the same time.

Do you want a phrase that converts a lot to your sales page that summarizes what we said about the extra bonus?
This is the right sentence: Buy my ebook today and get this special software (a value of $ 50) for free!


And to finish, some more tips:
Include many “order now” links throughout the sales page, each of which brings the potential customer directly to the order page.
Provide very simple, clear and detailed instructions to complete the ordering process.

Provide different payment options, such as credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout and the like; promote these options at different points on the sales page.

Repeating the ordering process and instructions several times and in several places is very important! Make sure the sales and ordering process is flawless!

Close your sales page by listing once again the highlights of your product or service: this is also very important!
Follow all the steps in this post and you will be able to create an EFFECTIVE SALES LETTER!

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Hi, to the next post.

Maurice Stacy.


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